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Zero Gravity Premium Loafers For Men

SKU: EL-96
Sale priceRs. 4,199.00

Size Guide

To measure foot length wear the type of socks you prefer, place a blank white sheet beneath your foot and stand up straight on a hard surface with your heel against the wall. Now ask someone to measure heel-to-toe length as given in the picture with the help of a ruler. Take help of the chart below to match your measurements and pick the perfect size for you.

Note: If you find the measurement in halfway between sizes, pick the larger size.

         SIZE CHART



5 39 24.5
6 40 25.2
7 41 25.9
8 42 26.5
9 43 27.2
10 44 27.8
11 45 28.5
12 46 29.2
13 47 29.9
Egoss proudly presents the Zero Gravity Collection, where style meets comfort and technology converges with craftsmanship. Embrace a new era of footwear and step into a world of elegance and ease. With these leather loafers on your feet, you'll soar above the mundane and embrace a new level of style and comfort. So, elevate your shoe game and experience the future of footwear today!
Zero Gravity Premium Loafers For Men
Zero Gravity Premium Loafers For Men Sale priceRs. 4,199.00