About Us

Established in 2005, A brand that transforms the latest trends into accessible fashion! 
Egoss shoes today has become one of the market leaders in the mens footwear industry with the foresight to provide fashionable footwear tailored for men.
Our shoes are made up of 100% pure leather. Attention to detail and catering to various style preferences has been our forte.
The brand is inspired by men with a great style statement. 

  • Our presence
    We are present in Metro, Mochi , Regal & Inc5 stores all over the country. The brand has also garnered a strong online presence at www.egoss.in 
  • Egoss Range
    Keeping in mind all age group and different preferences we have a huge variety of designs segmented in 5 categories:
  • Luxury Range
    Appropriately named, our Golden Plus collections boasts of style statements already curated for you!
    Pair your Egoss pick with a belt & wallet to march your look!                                         
  •  Yoga-blue Range
    Comfort is utmost important but style goes a long way too.
    This range is super comfortable & stylish for your everyday use. 

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